Michele O’Reggio

Michele O’Reggio
Michele O'Reggio
Associate (Team Solutions, Systems, Spirituality)

“Create a systems-driven business. Simplify. Automate. Delegate. So you can run your business like it matters and it virtually runs itself.”

Michele creates freedom for heart-centered, purpose-driven coaches, entrepreneurs who do too much by themselves. She empowers them to focus on their genius (what they love and do best) and become “Wiser CEOs” who leverage their time to create more profits, make a bigger impact and enjoy more freedom. Michele helps you build a strong superstar team, systematize workflow and optimize your productivity. She has been supporting entrepreneurs for over 15 years, with the implementation know-how and keen intuition to bring your vision to life. This takes your business to the next level without sacrificing any more of your time and energy.

Michele has a B.A. in Management with Distinction, is a Certified Online Business Manager™, a recognized virtual team building expert by Business Week and Entrepreneur.com and a DISC PeopleSmart Consultant™, using the leading personal and professional development tool DISC, to help people understand themselves and others better, so they can enjoy more successful relationships and achieve their goals more easily.

Michele is a catalyst for transformation, inspiring and empowering others to let go of what no longer serves them and to see the possibilities ahead. A freedom loving and courageous Cancerian who practices radical self-love, Michele is also The Radiant Living Coach. She empowers people who have experienced pain and trauma to instead live with more joy, love, inner peace, prosperity and abundance. When you work with Michele in her Be Radiant! Programs, you will awaken to your greatness and Divine Life Purpose.

She is a fiercely proud parent – to radiant adult daughter Talea, currently studying psychology and her furry child, a once shy rescue cat, Shyla.

What clients say:

“I’m now strategically focusing on ONLY the work that I love and really matters to grow my business. I was buried in email that was too time consuming and very frustrating. Michele created an organized system, giving me back 30% of my time!! No seminar could do that! Having the support of an effective Virtual Assistant is another result I’m ecstatic about. In the past my delegation efforts were painful as didn’t know what to delegate and how to get the results I wanted. Michele helped me figure out exactly what tasks my Virtual Assistant could do (and couldn’t do) and showed me how her strengths for a good ROI. Michele is definitely the Go-to expert to get the foundations and building blocks you need to grow your business with less stress and more ease. I hope you get a chance to work with her!”
~ Michael Santonato, TheRelationshipMaster.com

“I am now able to focus more on the things…that will have the biggest impact on my business growth. Michele is the real deal – she operates on a true level of excellence that is so rare to find. Initially I was skeptical because I thought I was doing a pretty good job at building and running my 6-figure business. I was surprised when Michele identified activities I wasted my time and energy on and I got 40% of my time back! She outlined the additional expertise and systems I need to take my business to the next level and to create more profits and free time.”
~ Claude Johnson, GuitarControl.com

“As soon as the thought of expanding my business crosses my mind, Michele is my first call.  I was skeptical that I could find team members who fit my personal vision and values and who work well with my particular way of doing things — especially because some would work virtually, which I have never done before. But Michele made it happen! She also saved me from making a hiring mistake that would have hurt my business. Michele helped me to operate with less stress, even with overwhelming obstacles, and helped me to focus on the things that mattered most. I have more peace of mind and freedom to work ON my business instead of IN it.”
~  Jim Hartzell, Recordsman.com

Location : Toronto, Canada